Is your organization searching for custom and flexible ECM integrations? Look no further than our partner, Laserfiche, and their ECM integrations. At BSC, we partner with only the best organizations to bring our clients the greatest and most up-to-date software solutions.

Laserfiche is a leading SaaS enterprise content management platform. This platform is innovative and helps modernize operations, as well as accelerate transformations. The laserfiche platform also has intelligent capture and robotic process automation.

The Laserfiche platform works with the applications your organization uses everyday, including:

  • Microsoft 365
  • DocuSign
  • okta
  • esri
  • Ellucian
  • & More!

Stay connected, up-to-date, and elminate boundaries through these custom, no-code integrations. Through these flexible integration tools, information is consistently accurate and easy to obtain. Also, through these integrations information becomes accurate and reliable on ALL platforms your organization uses, and subsequently integrates.

Integrations can provide multiple benefits. These include centralized content as well as more secure content. Also, you can sync your CRM system and content, which allows an automatic transfer of data between laserfiche and your specific CRM system (salesforce, microsoft 365, etc.) through no-code connections. This platform can also perform database lookups, accelerate signature reports, connect to MFDs and much more.


Interested? If you would like to know more about custom ECM integrations, contact Business Systems & Consultants today at (205) 988-3300 or complete our contact form and we’ll help find the perfect solution for all of your needs. Based in Birmingham, BSC provides mobile storage systems. As well as software solutions and scanning services throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Florida.