Digital Mailroom and Content Services for Insurance Companies

Mailroom Automation to Streamline Your Insurance Company

The insurance industry is historically document-intensive and compliance-centric. Insurance companies have always been found to deal with high volumes of documents, including claims, payments, faxes, print streams, photographs, emails/customer correspondence, policies, appeals, applications, membership enrollments, and much more.   Every insurance company faces high volumes of both paper and electronic file formats that must be managed, including XML, JSON, and Acord files.

BSC has a variety of content management services solutions (ECM) that help capture any document type, convert them digitally, and route them through a process that is compliant and auditable. Health Insurance, Property Causality, and Life Insurance have unique workflows that the BSC team can assist in automating. Our solution offerings are all well known for delivering productivity that has a significant positive impact on costs and customer satisfaction.

Quotes, policy forms, and statements can easily be shared compliantly with collaboration tools. This means that everyone involved in the claim can access the information they need – exactly when needed, including examiners, adjusters, reinsurers, brokers, lawyers, and insured.

Solutions for the Insurance Marketplace:


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