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Document Management Solutions Specific to Your Industry

Large Format Scanning


Many times Architects, Engineers and Contractors have large format drawings that take up lots of real estate space in their office, warehouse, closets, wherever they can find room for that matter.  BSC can scan your large format drawings to an electronic file.

school software solutions


BSC is helping educators get more done with less and digitally transform the business of learning.   For years our educational institutions have struggled to adopt and deploy the tools other industries commonly use to operate more efficiently.  This impacts the quality of education that is provided to students and drives costs up.

document management for banks


BSC has a long history of servicing transactions and the financial marketplace that dates back decades to our first days as a company.  Whether you are purchasing an ECM system or outsourcing a service to BSC we know what it takes to digitally transform financial business.

government document management software


State, Local, and Federal government is big business.  Like any business, government agencies have revenue, vendors, employees, regulations and active business workflows and processes.  Digital transformation has come late to government agencies but has become a major focus as budgets are reduced and agencies are asked to do more with less.

medical records scanning


Having the information you need to treat a patient means you will make better decisions….simply put, better decisions mean better outcomes and improved cash flow. BSC takes healthcare solutions very seriously because in Healthcare delivering the right information to the point of care quickly can make all the difference; sometimes a life and death difference. 

digital mailroom


BSC focuses on helping industries that are historically document intensive and compliance centric digitally transform and automate workflows.  Insurance companies have always been at the top of the list of industries dealing with tremendous volumes of documents including claims, payments, faxes, print streams, photographs, emails/customer correspondence, policies, appeals, applications, membership enrollments, and much more.

library collection management

Libraries and Archives

Books, journals, periodicals, and research exist in hard copy, electronic and microfilm formats.  BSC’s Library and Archive solutions help you manage and preserve valuable content.  Our systems and services ensure rapid access while protecting your information assets.

document control software manufacturing


Manufacturing has always been critical to our country.  In the new era of digital transformation, no industry can remain a successful operation with paper based processes.  All across the US, change is occurring rapidly in manufacturing through the use of ECM and BPA technologies and services. (Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Automation)

document management for utility companies


Utility companies need to stay in production and manage huge numbers of employees and customers, not to mention massive infrastructure.  Disruptions to your operations costs thousands and often millions of dollars for each occurrence.   Staff needs to have current accurate information at their fingertips wherever they are.  Often times this means remote locations in rural environments. 

ECM solutionsRealizing a Vision for 21st Century ECM

In today’s competitive business world, the traditional functionality of document management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software is nothing more than table stakes.

Realizing a Vision for 21st Century ECM

In today’s competitive business world, the traditional functionality of document management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software is nothing more than table stakes.