Library Collection Management Solutions

Collection Management to Support Library Services and Information Management

Books Journals and periodicals exist in hard copy, electronic, and microfilm formats. BSC Library and Archive solutions help you manage and preserve valuable content and information resources. Our systems and services ensure rapid access while protecting your information assets for the foreseeable future.

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BSC understands that information comes in many shapes and sizes and requires a long-term strategy for safeguarding and migrating archives. We have been supporting libraries for decades with a variety of traditional storage solutions and more innovative solutions for digital information, such as ECM, document scanners, and microfilm scanning and access systems.

Whether you are managing a state, academic, public, or corporate library, providing efficient, secure, and effective access to information and intellectual information is a must. Information collections can include patents, newspapers, photographs, engineering studies, clinical studies, and a wide range of media. BSC provides the right tools for the job, whether you are a commercial or government library or archive department.

BSC solutions include:

BSC Proudly Works With:

  • Public libraries
  • Academic libraries
  • Archives and special collections
  • Genealogical research organizations
  • Research libraries
  • Local history groups



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