BSC Government Document Solutions

Why does the Government exist? To serve and protect its citizens, right? Our solutions are available for use to diverse agencies at virtually every level of government (state, local, and federal) to manage growing volumes of data and transactions under tight budget constraints. By connecting people with the documents and data they need to work efficiently and automating processes, government offices and agencies can meet their goals to improve service levels for their constituents even when budgets shrink.

Delivering capability without complexity, BSC helps government agencies get control of the vast amount of information needed to provide services, from applications for everything from driver’s licenses to building permits to court records, intake forms, inspections, etc. We use this information to achieve desired outcomes, such as getting benefits to people quicker, ensuring that a building project is on the tax rolls sooner or securely sharing records between law enforcement, courts, and the public.

Paper-based information in government, like any other business, is inefficient and costly. BSC has extensive experience working with government agencies and has ECM, BPO, and records management applications for the following:

  • City and County Clerks
  • Law Enforcement
  • Municipal Court
  • Education
  • Finance and Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Archives
  • Health and Human Services
  • Housing Authority
  • Judicial Systems
  • Planning and Public Works


  • Reduce cycle times to deliver services quicker. Automated workflow manages routing and other manual processes that create delays and distract employees from other important tasks.
  • Support self-service without losing revenue. Whether for a select group as a fee-based service or secure access to public records, BSC provides a solution that reduces inconvenience for constituents and reduces staffing requirements to fulfill requests.
  • BSC can decrease the amount of time it takes to locate and retrieve records.
  • Maintain productivity by decreasing the burden of managing documents and manual processes on employees. As agencies as asked to do more work with the same number of employees, process automation helps them focus on the work that adds the most value.
  • Improve collaboration between departments by securely sharing electronic documents used by multiple departments or agencies. No more frustrating delays, costs, and security risks associated with moving physical documents between agencies. The access of viewing records can also be limited to specific employees as well.

BSC delivers tailored solutions for each agency and municipally using cost effective, proven ECM software, case management systems, and scanning services. We help you get the best productivity in your workplace with high-valued products and solutions.