Document Filing Systems and Solutions

Color-coded file folders and solutions

color coded folder labelsOur document filing system solutions and colored filed folders can reduce filing and retrieving time by 50% and save as much as 33% of the cost spent on non-color coded files.

A good color code system can work for your files, and in most cases pays for itself in less than a year due to the time saved in filing and retrieval without misfiles.

Color coding is the assignment of color to a number, letter or item that shows meaning. In filing, we assign a color for each number 0 through 9, and a color for each letter A through Z to aid in filing and retrieval of all types of hard copy. By putting these colors (letters, numbers, and designators) in a position on a file folder, file pocket, etc., a color/block pattern is formed. When these patterns of color are broken, a misfile has occurred.

End Tab File Folders

End tab file folders use the most efficient filing method, which is the open shelf. Folder tabs are one position (reducing the effort used to read labels) and full cut (for name and color code labels).

Colored File Folders have label placement score marks, undercut fronts for label visibility, and score lines allowing 3/4” expansion. Selecting a folder with fasteners or pockets adds extra security to your documents.

Expanding Retention Pocket File Folders

Expanding retention pockets can easily be attached to the inside of a fastener folder or binder, creating a filing solution for those documents that should not be hole-punched. These file folders are ideal for disks, annual reports, evidence and project reports.

Plastic Binders

Plastic binders come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors, all of which are easy to customize including label case binders and legal binders.

Colored pressboard folders and solutions.

Speed up your filing process with colored classification and fastener pressboard folders. Use red for “hot” files and green for invoices that need to be paid. Our durable pressboard folders resist wear and tear while the accordion-pleat gusset and match tape expand to hold up to 1″ of materials.

Pressboard Classification Folders

Pressboard foldersFind critical files fast with our partners’ top tab classification folders. Get nearly double the labeling area of a standard classification folder, so you can write bigger or use more lines of description. Protect your documents and fingers with our patented coated fastener technology, the ultimate solution to fastener issues including paper tears, finger cuts, and excessive fastener crinkling. Two dividers provide six filing surfaces for ultimate organization. The sturdy gusset expands to hold up to 2? of material.

Pressboard Fastener Folders

Find critical files fast with our partners pressboard fastener folders. Get nearly double the labeling area of a standard fastener folder, so you can write larger or use more lines of description. Protect your documents and fingers with our patent pending coated fastener technology, the ultimate solution to fastener issues, including paper tears, finger cuts, and excessive fastener crinkling. The sturdy gusset expands to hold up to 2” of material and is made from heavy-duty pressboard material to handle large, bulky files that get plenty of use.

Other Filing Supplies

  • Mortgage File Backs
  • End Tab Converters
  • Indexes
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons
  • Folder Dividers
  • Defendant Jackets
  • Journals
  • Flat boxes
  • Mylar Overlaminates
  • Safe Deposit Forms
  • Kardex Style Folders
  • Indexes

Computer-generated label printing software solutions

Document Filing System label printerComputer-generated label printing software allows you to have the efficiencies of a color-coded shelf filing system without having to stock and apply multiple labels to your folders.

Color coding will reduce filing and retrieval time, while virtually eliminating the total number of misfiles. When you need to make up folders you can quickly and easily print the labels you need with all the information for each folder on a single label.

  • Print all information and color codes on one easy-to-apply label strip
  • Create alphabetic, numeric, or custom-indexed filing systems
  • Integrate our labeled folders with your existing files with perfect color match
  • Design a sophisticated filing system specifically for your organization
  • Generate new labels automatically with information from your host database or keyboard

Label printing software is available in two forms: installed on your workstation/network and online.

Network/Workstation Label Printing Software

Network/Workstation Label Printing Software is installed on one or more networked computers. This version is more full-featured than online software and is appropriate for more complex label printing needs.

Online Label Printing Software

Online labeling software can be accessed from the internet as needed. Labels can be printed from any workstation with a Web browser and access to a color printer (laser or inkjet). There are several benefits to online labeling software:

  • No software to install; you always have the most up-to-date version
  • Your sensitive customer data never leaves your computer
  • Compatible with your printer
  • You set up the system administrator and add/delete users

Label Supplies

File folder labels and suppliesBSC provides many types of labels that can assist with an efficient filing system for you.  Labeling solutions optimize the way the file folders are labeled to help save money and time. Some of the solutions include:

  • 6-up Labels
  • Label Stock
  • Alpha and Numeric Labels
  • Barcode Labels
  • Year Band Labels

Bar Codes:

  • Will track items such as records, assets, and documents through their life cycle
  • how locations where items are placed or moved to
  • Show “Check In” or “Check out” times
  • Automation of indexes of documents when converting to a document imaging system
  • Different sizes and shapes including rectangles, squares, & circles

Color Codes:

  • Can be alphabetic, numeric or terminal digit indexing
  • Assignment of a separate color to each number or letter, zero to nine
  • Low chance of misfiling
  • Easy to find from color sequence


Choose how you arrange by name, company name, or subject. Ideally used for a low volume of records

Straight Numeric:

Files your records in order by number and are perfect for a mid-size volume of records.

Terminal Digit:

Grouping the files that end in the same 2-4 digits for quick and easy access to high-volume records.

Custom Labels:

  • Set up by obtaining information customer likes
  • Labels can be printed and applied to folders in advance
  • Time and Money savings

Advantages of Color-coded filing:

  • Faster Filing
  • Faster Retrieval
  • Better Control
  • Reduces misfiles
  • Tighter Security
  • Increased Productivity
  • Better Employee Morale
  • Professional appearance
  • Lower filing costs
  • Savings in time and space

Contact Business Systems & Consultants today at (205) 988-3300 or click here to complete the contact form and we’ll help you find the perfect solution(s) for all of your storage, control, and productivity needs with our folder and label solutions.

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