Fast and Reliable Wide Format Scanners

Wide Format Scanning Solutions for Your Technical Documents and Drawings

The wide format scanner market has changed dramatically over the last few years. Improvements in color and grayscale image quality, actual scanner speed, and file processing times allow users to be more productive and realize initial return on investment much faster. Finding ways to increase revenue can be easy when you have a wide format scanner within your company. With the wide format scanner, you have multiple benefits that include:

  • Better chance of increased sales
  • Better awareness
  • Great investment
  • Increased visibility

To describe some of these to you, we talk in detail about each one individually. To get more sales and have more brand awareness, you need to be productive within your company and show exceptional work with the products at hand. The large format scanner will help create this, and you will automatically see the best results. Think about all the money you’ve been pouring out to outsource print work, blueprints, and maps – you can save so much by investing in a scanner that will increase productivity and save you money.

If you increase the quality of your products, you will see a positive impact on the results you receive from advertising those products or using them as selling tools to better the performance you get in return.

Key Benefits of Large Format Scanners from BSC

  • Fast scanning speeds to make quick work of your large format scanning projects
  • Scan virtually any size document or drawing
  • High-quality scans ensure all the fine details on our large documents are captured and reproducible


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