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File Relocation Services

Move Files Safely and Securely

Given the diverse nature and size of most file rooms, certain technical skills and expertise are needed to properly begin and complete a file conversion process. Whether moving files from one program to another or from one location to the next, certain challenges are evident. Easily solve this overwhelming task by allowing us, Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. (BSC), to provide file conversion services and file room relocation in Birmingham for your organization.

As you already know, file conversion is never simple but with the help of BSC it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you need to make a move to a new location or initiating a filing system conversion, we have the solutions to not only keep your conversion organized but to preserve vital information as well.

File Conversions

Converting your files is a great way to save your organization money and time. BSC can assist you with file conversion services in order for you to take advantage of these savings. From filing supplies to managing the file conversion process, BSC has the solution that you need. We have various filing options that span across multiple types of systems and folders; we have the solution to effectively organize and manage your documents.

Whether you are moving your files or converting them call us at BSC. We’ll make your file conversion stress free.

File Room Moves

Files are not furniture, so why would you trust anyone other than a professional document management organization for your Birmingham file room relocation?

File moves entail moving your physical documents from one location to another of your choosing. BSC can take a disordered collection of files and standardize the way those files are organized. During the file move, the BSC staff will not only arrange but audit the files in order to ensure that all necessary files are present. Those files that are missing or duplicated are identified.

Records are the memory of your business and the tools which your personnel require to conduct business. Moving records, books and documents requires skilled and trained personnel, to assure the move maintains filing sequence integrity, avoid losses, secure record protection during the process and privacy protection of the information. Also of concern, is proper space allocation when putting the records back into the equipment.

When the time arrives that these precious documents need to be relocated, it is a time when file room relocation is best left up to professionals. These file relocation services are easily provided by the trained professional staff of the network. The success of a file room move is determined by the experts who plan and carry out the move.

Our file room relocation services for customers include:

  • Properly allocate the filing space within the new area based upon your filing method (alpha, numeric, terminal digit, etc.)
  • Advise if filing aids such as shelf guides or indexes should be implemented
  • Provide expansion allocation within the file sequence to minimize future back-shifting
  • Assure records go into the new area in the correct sequence
  • Plan for file security/protection during the move
  • Accomplish the task quickly to avoid interruption for your staff
  • Maintain accuracy in the filing sequence
  • Utilize experts who understand filing systems
  • Utilize the proper equipment to maintain security and efficiency
  • Move records in the shortest possible time

ECM solutionsRealizing a Vision for 21st Century ECM

In today's competitive business world, the traditional functionality of document management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software is nothing more than table stakes.

Realizing a Vision for 21st Century ECM

In today's competitive business world, the traditional functionality of document management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software is nothing more than table stakes.