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data entry services

Data Entry Services

Today, more than ever, business applications need data to function, not just any data – they need accurate data. BSC has provided Data Entry and Data Capture solutions across the Southeast and beyond for many years. Our clients enjoy having timely data files created and delivered with the highest levels of accuracy.

data capture services

Document and Data Capture Services

Business processes need accurate data to function efficiently. Data feeds into a business process and is then transformed. Most business processes then release data as output as part of the process lifecycle. The data either flows through the business process electronically or in a container called paper. 

data migration

Image & Data Migration Services

Information is being created at a blistering pace, and Moore’s law of Technology is constant. In a nutshell, computing power doubles every two years. This means that systems available today are 16x more powerful than six years ago. Add to this the advancements in software development occurring on a global scale, and you have a perfect information storm.

ecm software support

ECM Software Support

Because of the complexity of today’s technology, the need for workflow automation, and the necessity for achieving a fair return on investment, decision-makers are demanding that the document management system solutions they purchase are backed by experienced services and support organizations.

scanner repair

Hardware and Scanner Repair Services

BSC is your turnkey solutions company. We have certified and trained technicians who can install and subsequently service all of the equipment we sell to you. We can work on your new or legacy hardware equipment. This includes microfilm scanners/reader printers and Kardex vertical carousels to check and document scanners.

file relocation services

File Relocation Services

Given the diverse nature and size of most file rooms, certain technical skills and expertise are needed to properly begin and complete a file conversion process in Birmingham. Whether moving files from one program to another or from one location to the next, certain challenges are evident. Easily solve this overwhelming task by allowing us, Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. (BSC), to provide file conversion services and file room relocation in Birmingham for your organization.

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