Rotary Files

Business Systems & Consultants works directly with a premier provider of highly efficient, double-sided rotary file solutions for institutional, healthcare, education and office use.

Rotary files are the efficient and flexible alternative to lateral filing cabinets, occupying just one-fourth the floor space of standard files while providing the same filing capacity. Rotary files provide easy access to the entire filing system from both sides.

Engineered to organize legal size and letter size files while maintaining security and HIPAA-compliance, our partner’s rotary file’s highly customizable design allows storage of files, binders, office supplies and more. Additionally units can be used for industrial and weapons storage.

Our partner’s space-saving rotary file design is engineered to spin 360 degrees to increase efficiency and accessibility. Its double-sided design provides access from both sides allowing units to be used as room dividers.

All rotary file systems are available in two to eight shelf openings, the system does not require a foot pedal making units easier to use, reduces floor space and eliminates tripping hazards.

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