BSC Utilities

Utility companies need to stay in production and manage large numbers of employees and customers, not to mention their infrastructure. Disruptions to operations cost thousands and often millions of dollars for each occurrence. Staff needs to have current accurate information at their fingertips where ever they are. Often times, that means remote locations in rural environments.  

Utility companies also operate in a compliance centric world with heavy regulations. Documentation must be available to audit and inspect real time.

BSC deploys ECM solutions for the Utility industry that are secure, scalable, proven, and compliant.  Enterprise content management systems automate processes and route information to dashboards that allow for operational visibility and transparency needed to avoid disruption and delays.  

Solutions for the Utility Markets:

  • Human Resource ECM Solutions (SEE Human Resources)
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable ECM Systems with ERP integration
  • Case management Workflow ECM
  • Enterprise wide Content management solutions for Information Governance
  • Mobile Field Inspection Applications
  • Digital Mailroom