Microfiche and Microfilm Scanning Services

BSC’s Microfilm Conversion Services Transform Your Microfilm Rolls, Microfiche, and Aperture Cards into High-Quality Digitial Images

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All our microfilm is archival, meets all state, ANSI, and AIIM specifications, and is formatted to allow for efficient scanning. Our considerable expertise in preparing, handling, microfilming, duplicating, and quality control provides us with significant efficiencies that are passed onto our clients in the form of highly competitive rates and unequaled quality control.

Film to Digital

Microfilm has been a valuable medium in the past and may still contain information vital to the success of your organization. BSC has industry knowledge and experience that lends to a professional digital imagining process in converting microfilm to digital images. This process yields images of superior quality that are easily accessible as well. Let BSC convert your microfilm files to an electronic format.

Paper/Digital to Film

Some institutions require eye-readable backups. Microfilm is still a preferred choice for long-term archiving of historical records. That’s why we provide microfilm services to convert your physical paper records into 16mm and 35mm microfilm rolls, microfiche and aperture cards. The microfilm images can be stored offsite, meeting archival requirements but still giving your organization the space that it needs. BSC can easily create microfilm images from your digital images. Let BSC provide the service of creating a microfilm archival media from your digital images.


Features and Benefits of Our Microfilming Services

  • Reduce storage space requirements by 95%
  • File storage costs are nearly eliminated
  • Reduce labor time to locate records
  • Provides ease of access to huge volumes of information
  • Provide long-term storage
  • Properly microfilmed images will last a minimum of 100 years
  • Maintain record confidentiality
  • Microfilmed information is much easier to keep confidential than original documents
  • Provide file integrity
  • An original copy of the microfilm is perpetually maintained as the master record


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