Document and Data Capture Services

BSC Document and Data Capture made easy

Business processes need accurate data to function efficiently. Data feeds into a business process and is then transformed. Most business processes release data as output as part of the process life-cycle. The data either flows through the business process electronically or in a product called paper.

As a product of information, paper is useless, costly, and slow. We live in a hybrid world, and BSC provides services and systems to help keep business processing humming along, regardless of whether the documents and data arrive electronically or on paper. We offer our clients the widest array of options for capturing and processing documents in-house or outsourcing in our document processing centers.

We sell and use a variety of advanced capture software that utilizes:

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition-Handwriting)
  • OMR (Optical Mark Recognition)

This technology deploys centrally, remotely, or on mobile devices. Our partners at Canon, Kodak, Panasonic, Hyland Onbase, and AnyDoc keep us supplied with the latest applications for our deployments.

More companies are embracing outsourcing document and data capture to companies like BSC because of the value, quality, and speed our document processing centers deliver. We have skilled teams of document and data operators that are highly productive, accurate, and efficient. Capturing data for documents and microfilm is a core expertise of the BSC team, and we are ready to serve you.


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