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Everywhere, people are an organizations most important asset. The business of recruiting, onboarding, managing, and training has taken center stage in almost all strategic business planning. Managing the business of Human Resources is complex and heavily burdened with regulations, compliance, transactions, reports, and documents. BSC helps busy HR departments manage the tasks associated with human capital management form the first interaction through separation.

  • Manage the application process by gathering documentation ranging from electronic forms to scanned documents and files from desktop applications.
  • During the hiring process, information is collected and routed creating requirements checklists, delivering notifications and tracking activities while providing the necessary feedback.
  • Over the course of an employee’s career, our document management solution manages and monitors the complete employee record.
  • The system automatically notifies the employee and/or HR staff when it is time to arrange a performance review, when forms need to be updated or when training/certification is about to expire.
  • Upon separation, our software solution ensures the record is stored in compliance with legal and corporate policies.

Benefits of HR Automation:

  • Shorter cycle times to respond to preferred candidates sooner, improve your talent acquisition
  • Onboarding processing time is reduced.
  • Better employee service because the system ensures that employees are aware of any upcoming activities or potential deadlines. HR staff can respond to questions faster through immediate access to the employee record or by allowing secure self-service to employees who want to view documents on file.
  • Secure storage of employee files that is less susceptible to loss or unauthorized access than physical records.
  • Reduces costs associated with the time and materials needed to maintain paper records and/or manually create checklists, alerts, file audits, notifications and other activities.
  • Readily integrates with human capital management, payroll, and other systems to improve overall departmental effectiveness and avoid duplicate effort.

Automating HR department processes with ECM and workflow solutions can now be implemented quicker. Thanks to new proven technology, solutions can be securely deployed. BSC has been supporting HR functions for many years and has a clear understanding of the uses of automation processes and what it can do for your company.

Some solutions for digitizing HR include:

  • Electronic Forms that eliminate paper documents, speed processes tremendously, and automate applications
  • Workflow for Recruiting which applies automatic routing for applications, offers, and contracts
  • Onboarding workflow automation
  • Termination and separation workflow that automates notices, payroll, and benefits activities
  • Corporate policies applications: Version control, Awareness tracking, and Distribution
  • Employee File Management: Track, Audit, and Report
  • Information Repository that allows all information to securely be stored away and easily accessible at a later date and is fully supportive of information governance


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