High-Speed Microfiche and Microfilm Scanners

Production of Microfiche and Microfilm Scanners

BSC offers cost-effective solutions for scanning your microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards in high-quality digital images. Microforms have been the preferred document archival standard since the 1930s. Digital conversion offers solutions for disintegration due to a process commonly known as “vinegar syndrome,” and two, a lack of quick access in our digital world.

To preserve these archives and speed up retrieval time, many companies have looked to convert their microfilm records to digital format. BSC offers high-speed microfilm/microfiche scanners.

Digitizing your archives can efficiently be processed by loading film and quickly capturing all the content and information on the roll of microfilm within minutes and having the ability to quickly perform quality checks of your digital roll of film and save everything you’ve converted. Access to those images and documents is now easy to retrieve and can properly be stored within your network.

Desktop Microfilm Scanner

Many industries find themselves being overwhelmed by the number of old archives and records that can be hard to read, hard to keep track of, and access to these materials can be limited. The desktop microfilm scanner allows users to quickly access old archives, records, and other materials in a far less amount of time than searching for specific material that may be unreadable. Microfilm scanners are the micrographic equipment of choice in the world’s most prestigious libraries, government offices, corporations, etc. This ScanPro is the only compact desktop scanner in the micrographics industry that is both an easy to use on-demand reader-printer-scanner for all microfilm types as well as a high-speed conversion scanner for microfiche and roll film.

BSC’s mission is to provide the best microfilm equipment on the market and it is our commitment to continually bring the most innovative, state-of-the-art technology to our customers. We provide reliable, high-performance, and easy-to-use microfilm scanners to leading industries across the US. Contact a BSC representative for more information and to get a quote on your microfilm scanner today!

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