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Having the information you need to treat a patient means you will make better decisions. Better decisions mean better patient care and improved cash flow.

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BSC takes healthcare solutions very seriously because in Healthcare – delivering the correct information to the point of care quickly can make all the difference; sometimes, a life and death difference.

BSC systems and solutions digitally transform healthcare. Our experienced team of content and records management professionals, paired with our secure scanning facility, support Finance, Health Information Management, risk and compliance, Human Resources, Facilities Management, and more.

For years, we have helped migrate patient information from physical patient charts into electronic medical records for integration into an EHR platform. With our day-forward scanning process, we can deliver clinically abstracted and scanned patient records rapidly in support of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) with the release of information functions we offer from a variety of applications and tools.

Our healthcare digital mailroom solutions deliver the discharge information to the coders rapidly and accurately so that patient bills and claims can be generated.   We can reduce payment cycles (DSO) by days.

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