Workflow Automation Software


Workflow manages activities like routing documents, verifying data, or following up on stalled processes while automating business rules, so employees can focus on work that matters.

So why use workflow automation in your business?

Organizations use Workflow to automate multiple applications to do the work they need to do, from vendor invoice processing to application review and approval contract management, onboarding employees, and much more. Eliminating manual, paper-based processes provides many benefits:

  • Automate approval processes by electronically sending documents to everyone who needs to approve them according to business rules
  • Route documents to anyone who needs to review, act on or respond to them, regardless of their location, either one-by-one or simultaneously
  • Remove tedious steps in a process such as creating checklists, checking for a missing document, validating data or sending reminders to ensure that processes continue to move forward with minimal manual effort
  • Enforce compliance with business rules and/or regulatory requirements, and provide documentation that all guidelines were followed
  • Enable employees to participate in business processes, regardless of their location or device, so work gets done faster with less risk of lost documents

Other Benefits include:

  • Users can quickly create, manage, and delete workflow tasks
  • Establish business rules and ad hoc task routing
  • Ensure secure access based on user access rights
  • Quickly add new workflows
  • Receive timely alerts
  • Add comments for the next level of approval to view, accept, reject, or reassign single or bulk workflow tasks

In a recent study, young professionals are drawn to companies that embrace technology and provide industry leading tools to their workplace. Clearly when making a career choice employee want to work at a company that is poised to compete and offers employees the best tools for performing their jobs.

BSC can deploy workflow, ECM and BPO services that digitally transform business. We offer many solutions in your organization:

  • Human Resources
  • Contract Management
  • Case Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Strategic Engineering
  • Enterprise Wide Information Governance

Benefits of BSC Workflow:

  • Empower every employee to work at peak efficiency to eliminate bottlenecks and hold the line on new hiring
  • Reduce missed opportunities and customer frustration by completing important processes faster
  • Demonstrate accountability to executives and regulators with immediate access to individual productivity and process integrity through workflow logs and configurable dashboards
  • Reduce risk of human error that results in lost, misplaced or stalled documents by eliminating the need to route and track paper-based files or track confusing email threads
  • Avoid stalled processes and manual tracking/reminders by automatically notifying a manager or co-worker when a task has reached an escalation point


  • Ease-of-use, drag and drop workflow tools, requires less training to build workflows than other products and increases agility by enabling business users to make modifications as needs change, reducing reliance on IT
  • Process simulator makes it easy to test workflow steps and scenarios without leaving the process designer
  • Device-agnostic access supports BYOD policies and allows users to securely access files whenever and wherever they want
  • Flexible, straightforward licensing options make it practical and affordable to extend workflow processes to users throughout the enterprise

We are in the business of streamlining business process, reducing costs, and increasing your competitive advantage.

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