Data Entry Services

Cost-Effective Data Processing with a Focus on Quality and Accuracy

Today more than ever, business applications need data to function and not just any data, they need accurate, high-quality, data. BSC has been providing data capture, data processing, and data entry services across the Southeast and beyond for many years. Our clients enjoy having timely data files created and delivered with the highest levels of accuracy.

Many of our clients were struggling to keep up with the inflow of documents requiring data entry, and the turnaround times required for operational efficiency and had a tough time keeping costs controlled when some days they received a “trickle” of documents, such as invoices, and other days the “floodgates opened” and they were overwhelmed. Balancing labor pools with fluctuating volumes is a good time to consider outsourcing. At BSC we build our operation to anticipate the “flood” and can reallocate our labor to other projects in lower volume periods. This allows us to reduce costs by as much as 40% over in-house operations.

Adding to the BSC value is the quality of our output. We use the latest technology in advanced data entry and data capture that allows us to not only capture efficiently but also validate the results and create a highly accurate output that has undergone rigorous quality checks. We pride ourselves on the use and sale of the latest scanners and OCR and ICR technology. We also provide access to offshore cloud-based labor pools around the world if our client is interested. If you have a document and data entry-intensive environment, why not put BSC to the test and see what we can do for you.


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