Business Systems & Consultants offers support for your Kardex Filing Systems. If you have a Kardex carousel, we are here to help you today!

BSC has serviced and installed Kardex units for the past 45-plus years, including these models:

  •  Kardex Lektrievers
  •  Kardex Industrievers
  •  Kardex Titans (I, II, III)
  •  Kardex Lektriever 2000 (Lek-2000)
  •  Kardex S-80 models (S-80 and S-80M)
  •  Kardex Promptus (Promptus 99)
  •  Kardex Checkveyor, and Kardex Kardveyors.

BSC provides both professional and experienced technicians for servicing your Kardex filing systems.

What services we offer:

  1. Repair: BSC can repair your Kardex units as a service call.
  2. Parts Replacement: We can replace necessary Kardex boards and parts as needed.
  3. PM’s: We can offer you Bi-annual or Annual Preventative Maintenance Kardex check-ups on your Kardex carousels.
  4. Relocation: BSC can do Kardex Lektriever relocations if you are wanting to move it to another room, floor, or location.
  5. Upgrade: We can also, tear out your old Kardex units and install an up to date unit.


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