Automate your HR process with software applications offered by Business Systems & Consultants. At BSC we understand how important your HR department is and the many tasks associated with human resources. This is why we partner with only the best companies to bring you the newest technology. Thus, through our partner Upland, we offer Filebound to automate your HR process.

Automating the HR process streamlines all processes starting with applications all the way to termination, overall improving efficiency & productivity.

The HR Process includes:

Applications  →  Onboarding   →  Employee Management   →  Terminations

Through using Filebound, all employee records can now be electronic. Also, through this software, electronic employee records will consolidate documents from any source including e-mail, scanned documents, electronic forms, etc. and organizes them in the way that meets your needs.

Benefits of Automating your HR Process:

  • Increase response time to applications
  • Increase productivity & efficiency
  • Ensure employee records are complete, secure, and disaster proof
  • Integrate previous physical employee records with current HR software for a overview of all employee information
  • Automate retention of documents & records according to policies and compliance requirements
  • Less time spent on tedious paperwork
  • More employee engagement

Through these benefits, and much more, HR employees will be able to focus on more meaningful work rather than tedious, mundane paperwork. Through Filebound Software and HR automation, you can finally break the cycle of repetitive paperwork.

This HR Automation software provides employees with intuitive search and retrieval. Also it provides a streamlined workflow process, as well as electronic forms to aid in the efficiency and productivity of your department. Lastly, Filebound has mobile support, which is beneficial to all employees whether they be in the office or working remotely. This mobile support will make the streamlining of processes seamless.


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