Automate your Mailroom process with a Digital Mailroom:

  • Quickly Move from Distributing Hardcopy Mail to Digitizing Mail
  • Securely ‘Deliver’ to Onsite and Remote Employees

We at Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. want to introduce an exciting new software module to automate your mailroom process!

The COVID-19 virus has affected many companies and your workers are more than likely working remotely.  We now offer a solution to deliver company mail that will be routed to the appropriate knowledge workers.

Digital Mailroom was a good idea last year and is a great idea now!

Our software product provides the ability to receive daily email notifications to update you on new mail received. It is easy to access your scanned mail, view and update the status of it, as well as reroute the workflow ability if required.

Also protects your employees, your firm, and makes your company more efficient.

Next Steps

Contact us to learn more information and how it can be up and running in days

Benefits to You and Your Team

  • Same-day access to Mail – regardless of employee location
  • Eliminate hand-delivered mail – reduces risk of disease transmission
  • Protect records privacy
  • Employees have a secure, organized location that auto stores their mail
  • Auditable electronic record of incoming mail – Date/Time Stamp when received and reviewed
  • Reclaim office space –process mail anywhere
  • Increase productivity and customer service level
  • Reduce carbon footprint – move towards a paperless office

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