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May 3, 2019Blog, Healthcare Storage

Healthcare facilities not only need proper storage for instruments and equipment but also for files, patient records and archives. Business Systems and Consultants offers various types of patient record storage solutions and for other departments within the healthcare industry. 

BSC’s multi-usage high density storage systems benefit many departments including:

  • Administration
  • Archives
  • X-Ray Films
  • Medical Library
  • Sterile Materials
  • Dental Department
  • Operating Room
  • Bulk Storage
  • Pharmacy
  • Linens and Laundry
  • Laboratories

BSC’s storage systems are specifically designed to perfectly meet the precise requirements encountered in the various environments of a modern hospital.

Because these storage systems provide a unique and complete multi-usage storage solution, BSC’s high-density storage systems contribute directly to the reduction of storage-related costs, create new space availability inside existing facilities and increase storage and the overall efficiency of records management. BSC also has various secured locking systems meeting today’s HIPAA regulations.

Storage Solutions for Healthcare Facilities 

Administration Archives 

Our systems provide excellent solutions for centralized records storage. 

  • Files
  • Office supplies
  • Patient records
  • Archives

X-ray Films 

Sturdy shelves and full height dividers allow maximum use of storage space devoted to x-ray films. 

Medical Library 

A complete line of shelves and accessories allows the safe storage of all types of documentation and audiovisual material: books, magazines, compact discs, videotapes, etc. 

Operating Room

BSC’s storage systems facilitate access to critical materials.

Pharmacy, Dental Clinic and Medical Laboratories

BSC’s systems can store all types of materials, from bulk items to specialized specimen containers.

You can save a tremedous amount of space and time with our high density storage solutions. Employees no longer have to wait for files or be discouraged when searching for a patient record because these storage solutions are better organized and can be accessed in a matter of seconds. 

You can save 50% of your space or double your storage capacity.

  1. Conventional space wasting fixed aisles.
  2. With mobile shelving systems, save at least 50% of your working space by eliminating fixed aisles.
  3. Double your storage capacity and optimize your space.
  4. Minimize the floor space you might need to lease.


BSC is HIPAA compliant and understands your needs in order to help you reach your HIPAA compliancy goals. To improve the access and portability of patient health records while maintaining strict privacy and security, BSC offers a complete line of products for fixed and mobile shelving storage units, cabinets and filing related accessories that meet HIPAA records security requirements.

Security Features 

We know that patient records, files, and archives are important and the level of confidentiality is crucial in the healthcare industy. That’s why our high density storage solutions have significant security features. BSC has various secured locking systems meeting HIPAA regulations for fixed mechanical and electrical systems.

Some of the other security features include a pin code controlled access pad, mechanical lock, auto-spacing, building interface, and magnetic card access reader.

Are you ready for efficient storage solutions for your medical records, files, and archives? Sign up for a free assessment and a representative can guide you in the right direction for proper healthcare storage solutions.