Solutions For a Messy Desk With Hanel Office Rotomats

Mar 7, 2019Blog, Office Storage

The Hanel Office Rotomat provides massive filing capacity while diminishing the amount of floor space required for the storage system. The Rotomat works similar to a ferris wheel principal: files are stored in a series of carriers that rotate within the machine round and round, and files are brought to the operator. The machines make the fastest route to bring the product to the person.

Conventional methods of filing in cabinets or on shelves require walking, stooping, bending and searching without regard for proper ergonomics and safety. This is difficult and costly in terms of time, space, money and potential injuries. With the Hanel Rotomat, ceiling height is used to maximize efficiency, as its vertical design allows the carousel to be adapted to the space accessible. This means up to 50% or more space can be kept compared to most conventional storage shelving systems. One touch of a button and any document/item/asset can be retrieved in a matter of seconds.

Configurations are available to store hanging, end tab and lateral files, index cards, binders, microfiche and all types of office supplies. The Rotomat can be equipped with a barcode scanner and document management software for better inventory accuracy and speed.Kardex Remstar Lektriever Carousels Automated File Cabinets

Hanel Office Rotomat for all your office needs

Business Systems and Consultants Inc. has all of your Hanel Rotomat shelving products. We have the ability to design a system to fit your unique office storage solutions needs. Gone are the days of walking up and down aisles and endlessly searching for information. The Kardex Lektriever filing system is a series of vertically arranged rotating shelves controlled by an electronic keypad to deliver files to the operator with the push of a button or the scan of a barcode. This filing system is designed to eliminate waste in your business and can improve productivity by up to 66%.

The Hanel Rotomat saves time and money while bringing other benefits to the work place including:

  • Space Savings
  • Greater Productivity
  • Better Organization
  • Improved Work Flow
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Enhanced Security
  • Improved Efficiency

The Hanel Office Rotomat Electric Lateral File Systems

The Hanel Rotomat Electric Lateral File or ELF is a series of vertically arranged rotating shelves (carriers) controlled by an electronic keypad to deliver files to the operator with a push of a button or scan of a barcode. The ELF rotates and presents the item for picking to the operator at an ergonomic work counter for easy filing systems

What makes the Hanel Rotomat Electric Lateral File the best?

  • Increased capacity of existing filing and storage areas by 333%
  • Recover up to 70% of existing floor space by using true “floor to truss” storage
  • Customizable levels of media and item security and protection
  • Fully compliable – all stored items are brought to an ergonomically positioned work counter
  • Proven reliability with a higher mean time between failure rate
  • Field service installation team available

Applications consist of:

  • Filing of paper records
  • CDs
  • Tools
  • Small parts
  • Binders
  • Food
  • Office supplies
  • Medical supplies
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Pathology slides
  • Police evidence (drugs, jewelry, cash)
  • Diapers (pediatric ward)
  • Anything that needs regular access


  • Electronic or mechanical work surface
  • Heights vary
  • Widths are optional
  • Depths are custom
  • Lights above the work surface
  • Electronic or mechanical locking door
  • Shelves: legal or letter depth, hanging file, bins, roll out drawers, removable trays (different sizes) and locking doors
  • Inventory software to operate machine remotely while keeping track of inventory
  • Fire suppression systems

If your office is making you lose important productivity time, the Hanel Office Rotomat may be a great option for you. Contact a local BSC sales representative to learn more about the office rotomat and other benefits it could bring you and your company.