Use BSC Scanning Services To Digitally Transform Your Office

Mar 14, 2019Blog, Document Scanning

Our Service Bureau specializes in high quality document scanning and conversion services to digitally transform documents. By utilizing our Service Bureau, BSC can effectively help you digitize your paper documents and microfilm. 


  • Disaster recovery solution 
  • Eliminate the need for additional staff and floor space 
  • Lower your information management costs 
  • Easy access to information 

Below are some statistics to consider when deciding to keep your paper documents or to digitally transform and convert to an electronic format. 

  • $120 – The average cost to locate a misfiled document
  • $25k – The average cost to fill a four drawer filing cabinet
  • 10k – The average number of sheets of paper used by an employee each year
  • 50% – The amount of time an employeee spends looking for information 
  • 70% – The percentage that would FAIL after a major data loss 



Try before you buy with our free document scanning services offer.

BSC scanning services include document scanning, microfiche, apetrure card, and microfilm scanning, large format scanning, and bound material and book scanning. 

BSC has been in business for over 43 years and are familiar with this industry. We understand the digital transformation can be overwhelming and timely. That’s why BSC works with you on a daily basis throughout the entire process to ensure everything is being processed for your unique needs. 

BSC is located in Birmingham, Alabama and work with industries all across the southeast region including: Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas and Florida. If you’re looking to digitally transform in your office and need more information contact a BSC representative at 205-988-3300 or email us at and we’ll help you right away. 

To ensure you are getting the best quality of scanning, BSC is offering to scan a box of your records for FREE. Save your employees time and money and increase your overall productivity with our scanning and conversion services.