Always know where you valuable assets are and who has them.

As companies grow, they obtain more and more assets. It becomes increasingly easy to lose track of what you have and where they are. With such a fast paced business environment, companies need to have a real-time depiction of the path their assets are taking through their system. If a company misplaces valuable assets, it can cause a huge loss in profits and even customers. That’s why asset tracking is so important to companies. Asset tracking software improves the reliability and quality of information for the company, and eventually the customer, as the company has true insights at their fingertips rather than trying to pull information from a messy, lagging system.

The use of high density storage systems, such as carousels or lifts, can streamline the inventory tracking process. These units can be integrated with RFID or barcode tracking to pinpoint the location of each item, and create the most efficient routes to retrieve the item for the user. These systems utilize vertical storage space instead of taking up valuable floor space to keep facilities more organized. Any item can be stored in these such as files, spare parts, and other equipment.

Barcoding and RFID critical asset tracking are staples in any company with many assets. These technologies help businesses keep track of inventory, spare parts, equipment, and files. By upgrading to RFID tracking (radio frequency identification), companies can save a large amount of money and time. High density storage models such as the vertical lift can store files and other items, and track them with RFID technology for retrieval at the press of a button.

Effective asset management in combination with high density storage provides the following benefits and features:

  • Increased productivity
  • Load empty carousels in the correct order for load balancing
  • Maximize limited storage space
  • Designate specific storage areas for different departments or customers
  • Manage storage allocation across many carousels
  • Quickly and easily locate items
  • Check in, check out, and archive functions
  • Create pick and return lists for efficient item storage and access
  • Load capacity and zone code to optimize carrier storage
  • Generate reports for carousel tray or drawer
  • Runs on multiple Windows OS
  • Barcode and RFID options

BSC provides MasterTrak Essential software to help you facilitate the picks and put-aways from carousels and high density storage systems. Users can sort their items and move them throughout the storage system in the most efficient manner. It allows the user to easily track the location of their files and conduct audits of items. Spend less time on looking for what you need and more time working on your given tasks. Simply add RFID functionality to further enhance the system’s functions.

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