Archives Case Study

The Problem

County archives, museums, and government facilities store thousands of precious artifacts and records. It becomes difficult to manage and protect these important possessions.

With the continual acquisition of these records, the need for  innovative, space-saving storage systems to increase the capacity and security of the archives is crucial to preserving these items.These organizations look to Business Systems and Consultants to provide them with the solutions to help them maintain a more efficient, organized, and protected space for their artifacts and records.

We help our clients to utilize their space by providing multiple filing and storage options that are customized for each and every business.

BSC’s Solution

Business Systems & Consultants has a deep history in the filing industry, which has made us the place to connect with the best in filing system providers. We work with partners who provide high-density mobile shelving, automated vertical filing carousels, and traditional shelving and cabinet solutions to store important documents.

We also specialize in high quality, secure, and affordable museum and art storage solutions to help the preservation of artifacts. Our solution is to design storage that provide your facility’s museum storage needs with optimal flexibility.


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