Data capture software is instrumental in streamlining the indexing of document images a scanning service bureau delivers to customers.

Business Systems & Consultants, Inc.’s (BSC’) scanning service bureau operates on the OCR data capture platform. It was designed to work with every kind of document in every industry. The software achieves a 99.99% accuracy in extracting information from documents containing machine-generated print, handwriting, optical marks (e.g. checkboxes), and one- and two-dimensional bar codes. As OCR extracts information, users can apply specific business rules to validate the data. Once the data is extracted and validated, questionable characters or fields are displayed for users to correct or accept. The final step is to create an ASCII file of the validated, corrected, and verified data from the forms for indexing purposes or further forms processing. All of this is performed with minimal human supervision and intervention.

BSC has also developed a new software platform designed to eliminate much of the document preparation, sorting, and separating that can bog down and add manual labor to the scanning service process. Our data capture software imports the scanned document images, automatically identifies and sorts them by document type, and recognizes any document sets (all pages related to a single document). Our software then routes these documents wherever they need to go — to defined directories for each type or to another application for further processing.

Our data capture software then automatically identifies, or classifies, documents based upon customizable keywords and document tags, and/or based upon the data found on each document. This capability eliminates the need for service bureau personnel to manually sort and insert separator sheets to identify different document types, reducing manual labor and accelerating scanning service turnaround times.

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