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Conversion Services

Conversion Services

Changing information and changing regulations often leave offices overwhelmed. That’s why Business Systems & Consultants’ wide array of file conversion services can help. Our conversions result in more efficient information management and enhanced security. Multiple back-up systems ensure a company’s ability to continue business, even in emergency scenarios. BSC can take you from paper to microfilm or digital images with nothing lost in translation. During the conversion process you will have access to your documents, with security provisions for you and for your clients.

BSC has offered conversion services through every technological change since 1976. Our conversion staff knows how to handle each document, smoothing every system transition. The resulting records will be of the highest quality, produced by the most advanced imaging equipment and software in the industry. We have the volume to transfer all files — from a small office’s storage system to the high capacity records of a multinational firm.

File Conversion Services | Business Systems & Consultants

Document and File Conversion ServicesConversion Services

Move Files Safely and Securely Given the diverse nature and size of most file rooms, certain technical skills and expertise are needed to properly begin and complete a file conversion process in Birmingham. Whether moving files from one program to another or from one location to the next, certain challenges are evident. Easily solve this… Read More

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Scanning Services | Business Systems & Consultants

Scanning ServicesConversion Services

Our document scanning services are at the heart of the Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. (BSC) enterprise. We pride ourselves in providing our clients in Birmingham and throughout the nation with the highest level of services to increase productivity and enhance performance. At our secure and compliant facility, we convert millions of documents every year… Read More

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Microfilm Scanners | Business Systems & Consultants

Microfilming ServicesConversion Services

Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. (BSC) provides a wide range of microfilming services to help convert your microfilm to this space-saving, highly-reliable medium. All of our microfilm is archival, meets all state, ANSI, and AIIM specifications, and is formatted to allow for efficient scanning. Our considerable expertise in preparing, handling, microfilming, duplicating, and quality control… Read More

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