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Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Why choose Enterprise Content Management? 

BSC provides the management tools businesses need to manage and protect critical documents. But what is enterprise content management? According to AIIM, “ECM is the technology used to Capture, Manage, Store, Preserve, and Deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.” ECM will allow you to quickly create an “electronic file cabinet” and deliver images, documents, reports, and other business-critical information. Built on a central repository, ECM provides specific capabilities for high-speed image capture and storage and is designed for quick deployment. You can quickly access information from universal desktop interface, enabling greater control over business documents, enhancing the quality of decisions, increasing customer service levels and improving employee productivity.

Proven Solutions

Using state-of-the-art tools, BSC provides enterprise content management systems that are powerful, yet easy to deploy, administer and use. Organizations of all sizes seek ways to improve business processes that are fueled by information. Greater control over information means greater control of the entire business. Business professionals struggle with how best to manage and protect their critical documents and information assets. Our proven solutions allow customers to capture, organize, route, deliver, and archive business-critical information.

Capture and Access

Utilizing the numerous methods in which to capture not just your “documents” or “images”, you also get the data contained in those documents. OCR extracts information you specify from documents. The process starts once the document is scanned either locally or remotely. The software extracts data and eliminates the need for manual keying of information. The software can be configured to connect to your existing database for table look-ups to compare valid data.


Business processes are becoming more complex and important in today’s global economy. To increase business value enterprises are looking for ways to streamline their business processes, eliminate delays and bottlenecks, and maximize productivity. Workflow helps organizations improve the efficiency and productivity of information-centric business processes by automating the flow of information through the organization. Workflow combined with the power of ECM integrated imaging and document management software can significantly increase your organization’s overall efficiency.


Sensitive business information is protected with access granted only to authorized users. Employees, auditors, customers and suppliers only see documents they are authorized to review. Permanent log records, accessible for years, prove who viewed and/or modified documents. Key business materials can be created, accessed, safeguarded, archived, or destroyed according to administrative, regulatroy or legal requirements. Information that must be retained for legal compliance can be imported automatically.

Customized for your needs

Create the applications, retrieval criteria or indexes required for your business environment. Images, documents, reports, and other critical information can be captured, organized, and delivered. Does your organization need to improve customer service with more rapid document retrieval? Does your staff need to increase productivity? BSC can meet all those needs and more.

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