Most industries contain records and documents in their office. Though they may sound similar they have different aspects to each individually. Records aren’t used regularly but they provide specific information from events. Whereas documents are active files that need to be available to employees on a regular basis. Business Systems and Consultants dicusses the best way to manage records & documents with our document management solutions.

So you have records you need on hand and documents for 24/7 access but what do you do with these items?

Managing Records with BSC Document Management Solutions

One solution for records that don’t need to access regularly is an offsite storage facility that will store your records securely. Offsite storage has the advantage of space savings within your office while still having easy access to those records.

Day forward scanning can be the transition to a more comprehensive records management system. Thus, where you store all your records and you begin scanning records on an as need basis.

Managing Documents with BSC Document Management Solutions

Documents are more likely to be access in a consistent timeframe. Some options for managing documents could be hard copy, a document management service, or the cloud. If you’re considering physical storage for your documents, BSC offers automated office storage that can better manage these documents and keep your office organized while also saving space for other items.

Hard copies are the method most people are comfortable with, that’s why we offer products and services that fit this need for any industry.

Several types of document management systems are available that create secure digital files that are easy to track and can access them remotely.

Cloud storage is often a good solutions for a small business that hasn’t invested in on-site technology resources. We work with premier partners to provide efficient cloud storage. Ask about our software solutions.

BSC is here to help you manage records & documents

Let BSC help you determine the best course of action. Consider the convenience, cost, and security of your options in order to make the best choice for your business.

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