High density media cabinets

are a necessity when dealing with media day in and day out. Employees spend too much time walking to and from their desks to the storage units that are holding media. With media storage such as the Gemtrac and Promedia cabinets, you can save time and money that employees lose when having to stop production to retrieve these items.

Classic cabinets are the first to have incorporated levelling guides and drawer locks to set a high standard for high density media storage. With welded construction of heavy guage, poweder-coated steel. These cabinets accommodate 16mm and 35mm roll film, microfiche, and aperture cards.

They have adjustable interior cabinets that accommodate audio and video formats including: small, medium and large foramt tape cassettes and cases, and CD/DVD discs and cases.

The powdercoat finishes come in a wide array of shades including: white, putty, neutral gray, light brown, light gray, warm brown, dark gray, char brown and black.

Media Storage and Data Operations

Are you struggling to find enough space? Do you need space for new equipment? How far away are you from your desk? Are you spending too much time walking between tape mounts? If you’re losing productivity in the work place media storage may be the answer for you.

Data centers are faced with many issues. Most often they revolve around the critical issue of not having enough space. A fixed amount of space for data processing and storage needs that are constantly increasing just isn’t going to suite the needs of your business.

Finding the space to house an ever expanding tape library is a challenge shared by most data centers. Using more computers, drives, siols, and other equipment typically demands space that may not be available. Unless there is a way to reduce the size of your tape library significantly. Gemtrac gives you back the space you need.

Gemtrac Media Storage

The unique and most remarkable aspect of Gemtrac’s design is the dramatic reduction in floor space compared to conventional open tape racks.Gemtrac Media Storage

Gemtrac is a high density, quick access storage system that makes the most efficient use of your floor space. Eliminating the wasted aisles required by open rack storage, Gemtrac can help recover up to 70% of the space currently consumed by your tape library.

The increased storage efficiency can:
  • Provide space for more tapes or other equipment
  • Reduce the space required for your tape library. This space typically costs $300 per square foot to construct.

Gemtrac also boosts productivity by condensing your library into a more compact area, reducing travel time between mounts. In fact, the Gemtrac high density tape library puts up to 5,600 data cartridges within arm’s reach.

A Gemtrac unit consists of two self-contained opposing cabinets linked by overhead tracks. Each cabinet holds pull-out drawers that open into a center aisle. Without taking a step, a tape librarian can stand in the center aisle and immediately reach any of the Gemtrac’s drawers.

Gemtrac’s unique design incoporates drawers (actually pull-out shelves) instead of open rows of tape racks. Gemtrac drawers are constructed entirely of heavy duty furniture grade steel, with no plastic parts to fatigue or break. Each tape cartridge is safely housed in an individual slot to insure file integrity.

The drawers are ergonomically designed to be opened with a natural pulling motion rather than the uncomfortable side-to-side motion typical of open tape racks with sliders.media storage solutions

Benefits of media storage such as the Gemtrac:
  • High density storage – more tapes per square foot than any other storage system
  • Improved productivity – reduced library size minimizes walking time
  • Quick access to media – Reach up to 5,600 tapes without taking a single step
  • Enclosed storage – protects your valuable media from dust, light and sprinkler systems. This gives your tape library a clean, organized look.

Other media storage that helps increase overall productivity includes:

  • Dedicated shelves for sequential filing
  • Dedicated shelves for random filing
  • Adjustable shelves for multi-media storage
  • Stand-Alone media racks
  • Slidetrac
  • Data media cabinets
  • Desience modular consoles

We understand how important time can be throughout a day in the office. Saving time going between storage racks to retrieve tapes can save your employees productivity.

BSC has been in business for over 43 years and are familiar with industries needing to protect data media, microfilm, etc. Media storage solutions such as the Gemtrac help those industries lacking the space for new inventory.

We serve businesses all across the southeast region such as: Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida. Contact us to learn how you can save space, time and money in your current work place.