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RFID Systems

RFID Systems | Business Systems & Consultants

Concerned about the rising costs of managing, tracking, updating, and filing source documents and records in your organization today?

Business Systems & Consultants has the answer! Our popular bar code and RFID records management software system is the answer.

Today we offer an exciting, proven and extremely cost effective personal computer-based software product that can help you dramatically improved the productivity and take the headache out of managing hard copy records, files and media. Our bar code and RFID Systems allows you to index, track, and manage any file (plain or color-coded), document, publication, book, videotape or other medium throughout your entire organization.

Our RFID Systems generate customized bar codes and RFID labels to be applied to the medium you wish to track. The software acts as the “inventory manager” for you and provides you with instant information on:

  • File Location
  • Assigned User
  • Date and Time of Removal
  • Date and Time of Return
  • Flagging of Lost items

Contact Business Systems & Consultants today at (205) 988-3300 or complete the contact form and we’ll help you find the perfect solution(s) for all of your storage, control, and productivity needs.