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Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms | Business Systems & Consultants

Flexible and Advanced Data Collection

Optimize your business processes by replacing paper forms with electronic forms. Electronic forms, or eforms, are designed to be implemented and integrated with your document management system which only eases the workflow automation process. Electronic forms can enable your organization to do business with customers across multiple channels anywhere, anytime, and via any device. Create and host forms directly in your ECM system for use by internal or external customers to drive workflow activities.

Paper forms slow the process down, but electronic forms not only move the process along at a quicker rate but enhance it as well.

Why should you transition from paper documents?

Handwritten signatures and signed paper documents can be easily forged with existing technology. It is easy to create a document that looks as good as the original.

Efficiency and Productivity:
Business cycles can be substantially streamlined and reduced – templates and forms can be easily shared and integrated together with an electronic signature solution.

Physical distance becomes meaningless.

Cost Reduction:
No printing, faxing, delivering, or physical storage of documents reducing overhead costs.

As you may agree paper processes can be inefficient and costly while electronic forms provide an economical way to collect, analyze, and store information.

  • Shift easily from paper forms to e-forms, making them accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Speed business processes by using data to automate steps and update business systems
  • Eliminate data entry mistakes and rework, saving valuable time and resources

The Disadvantages of Paper Forms:

  • Challenging to Manage
  • Expensive
  • Lower Quality Data
  • Difficult to Analyze
  • Inaccessibility

The Advantages of Electronic Forms:

  • Drive enterprise workflow automation
  • Streamline indexing and retrieval
  • Feed data into dashboards and reports instantly
  • Improved accuracy
  • Eliminates costs

Tags: Document & Information Management