Digital Mailroom

What is a digital mailroom?

A digital mailroom transforms paper mail into electronic files, as offices move into the digital age, many are switching from the traditional way of handling mail to the digital mailroom, which allows incoming mail to be processed automatically. When mail is received, it is immediately scanned, and then document automation software can sort it and extract information from the various documents. A digital mailroom is a necessary component of any organizations digital transformation strategy. To take a business or business process “digital” and enjoy the benefits of digital automation workflows you can’t have any paper, faxes, and unstructured emails.

So, think of a digital mailroom as a way to feed accurate digital information into your business processes that arrive “un-digital”. Digital mailrooms involve many advanced transformation technologies for forms recognition, bar code reading, optical character recognition, handwriting recognition, data entry, data validation and often more.

Digital mailrooms can be outsourced as a BPO service or an organization can own and operate the technology platform.  Sometimes organizations deploy in a hybrid configuration using both inhouse systems and outsourced labor.


  • Move physical mail more efficiently
  • Combine physical and electronic information in the same processing e-flow
  • Access to information by multiple users and decision making becomes quicker and more accurate
  • Minimize filing and paper storage costs
  • Improve customer service
  • Intelligent document/data capture

What can a digital mailroom save you?  

On average digital mailrooms reduce the cost of capturing invoices in accounts payable by up to 80%. BSC offers digital mailroom solutions for:

  • Healthcare revenue cycle management
  • Accounts Payable
  • Human Resources
  • Customer correspondence
  • Claims processing

BSC build systems for our clients and streamline the influx of transactions, correspondence, and general information into a business-critical process that needs correct, high quality data to function.

Whether you are a bank, non-profit, hospital, insurance company, school, or manufacturer, ask our business consultants to explore a digital mailroom solution for your company today.