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Consultation Services

Material Handling Services | Business Systems & Consultants

As the rapid growth in the volume of new information continues, a revolution is going on in material storage.

Business systems are evolving to offer better consultation services and solutions, but selecting the best choices for your unique requirements can have a steep learning curve. That’s why so many businesses rely on the expert advice of Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. Drawing on decades of experience, we help our clients make informed decisions on the best strategies for managing information effectively. We can provide training, application analysis and make recommendations on the most cost effective systems for your multimedia storage and document handling requirements.

Since 1976, Business Systems & Consultants has built a reputation for thorough measurement and accurate recommendations working with hundreds of organizations in virtually every field of endeavor. We help satisfied customers find the right information at the right time. Working with executives, department managers, work group coordinators and supervisors, BSC consultants offer expert advice on applications, and business processes. We consult with staff directly involved in the process, and recommend the best custom-tailored solutions for:

  • Application throughput redesign
  • Space, location and facility redesign
  • Existing or new filing and document storage equipment implementation, modification or redesign.
  • Improved handling and throughput processes
  • Complete procedures and control creation
  • Complete education of processing personnel, supervisors or executives
  • Complete conversion services for all existing or on-going documents and information media storage requirements
  • Improved business processes

If you’re part of a committee working to identify, quantitatively measure or make recommendations for improved filing and document management, consider calling Business Systems & Consultants for a consultation.

Our objective and non-political approach, could offer a more expedient, cost effective and accurate measurement of your present requirements and recommendations for future needs.