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Architecture and Design

Architecture & Design | Business Systems & Consultants

Business Systems & Consultants’ architecture and design experts are experienced in implementing space-saving services & solutions to reduce the necessary square footage of a facility.

We have developed a wide array of solutions that have enabled our clients to optimize their current layout to make better use of their space in lieu of a facility expansion. If an expansion is required, we can also help you determine how much additional space is needed to avoid spending more than necessary!

We have a great deal of experience working in cooperation with architects and interior designers during the initial planning, architecture and design, and bid processes. We can plan and build your specs to deliver the best final product to your client! Let our experienced team of experts work with you in the early phases of your project to choose, design, and layout the most efficient storage, material handling, and warehousing fixtures. We are happy to assist with:

  • CSI Specifications
  • Drawings
  • Elevations
  • Load Calculations
  • File Studies

We will help you identify the best product selection & layout to save your client money. Contact us today at (205) 988-3300 for more information, or to meet with a specialist at your convenience.