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Realizing a Vision for 21st Century ECM

A future Vision for ECM

Workflow needs to be strong; it is the glue that connects multiple steps in a process. Workflow has primarily been deployed within ECM to manage back office processes which rarely change. It should become more flexible as it moves closer to customer engagements. This can address the constantly evolving nature of systems of engagement. A modern ECM system also needs a strong data analytics component. This will enable users to determine when their workflows need to be changed. It’s impossible to fix something when you don’t know it’s broken. To optimize its accounts payable system, it helps if an organization knows how much the invoices that it currently has in process are worth and when those amounts are due for maximizing early pay discounts. A modern ECM system should also be cloud-based. This will enable it to meet the increasing desire of businesses to license hosted applications, which reduces the burden on their IT departments while increasing their deployment flexibility. ECM needs to be able to run on multiple devices to meet increasing diversity. An organization also wants all the functionality of a traditional ECM application. This includes capture, search, security, and records management – as well as e-forms to help users capture documents before they are even printed.

A brighter future for ECM includes: Auto-Verification that offers efficiency and security, facilitating rapid e-forms adoption, analytics that unlock full potential of ECM, stronger ECM, etc.

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