Scanners & Maintenance

Scanners and Scanner Maintenance made easy!

BSC has been providing scanners and support contracts since scanners were first invented.   We have built a reputation of providing durable, user friendly scanners with unsurpassed uptime and reliability.  We sell all major scanner brands including Canon, Kodak Alaris, eImagedata and more.  We also offer scanners and operators who can scan for you when you are too busy or have a project or back-file conversion.

We sell and service scanners capable of scanning business documents, patient charts, checks, large format engineering documents, microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards.  We also have intelligent forms capture solutions for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.   

As always BSC stands behind everything we sell and offer annual and multi-year service agreements to keep your scanners humming with over 2000 certified technicians coast to coast.    When your information needs a serious scanner, you can count on the experts at BSC to recommend the best fit.  With tool free support and ISO 900o Certified technicians you can rest easy partnering with BSC.