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Take the Paper, Please! Your Faculty is Begging You!

Paper Documents Compared to Digital

Working in K-12 education isn’t what it was a generation or two ago. As you know, these days it’s all about tech: SIS and ERP systems, iPads in classrooms, STEM, E-learning, #edtechchats, and about a million acronyms and initialisms.

In an increasingly tech-driven world, where we’re teaching our students how to thrive in this modern, resource-rich environment…is your central office staff still struggling with paper student enrollments and records? Are you still using physical permission slips, or transferring boxes of cumulative files as students transition to new buildings?

What Digitizing Can Do for You

Aren’t you ready for something more accessible, manageable, reliable? I guarantee your administrative staff is. What if you had a software solution at your fingertips that could:

  • Streamline the intake and processing of personnel or student information by automatically extracting key elements (like name, date of birth, address, student or employee number), appropriately filling documentation, routing approvals to appropriate staff, and storing in a central, secure repository for quick retrieval.
  • Create faster response times for student-facing processes by automating routing documents to appropriate faculty for approval based on created roles or requirements, delivering notifications, and tracking activities to improve transparency and eliminate bottlenecks.
  • Standardize your district’s content management, while simultaneously creating a transparent processes that help you maintain compliance standards for funding and establish robust disaster recovery capabilities.

There’s much more to it: smart document management and process automation are a true game changer for K-12 school districts. This really is the future of work; automation is the ideal way to empower your staff and offer them more – more time, more services, more job satisfaction – and consequently, less stress!

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