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How Can Day Forward Scanning Help Your Company?

The Problem

Do you have a mountain of paper files, records, or documents in your office? We feel your pain. Document management is one of the most challenging and time-consuming pieces of any business. The logical step to eliminate the hassle and improve productivity is to migrate to a system that allows you to eliminate paper files altogether.

The Challenges

That being said, finding the right service, preparing your records to be scanned, and training your employees how to use the system present a completely different set of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is what to do in the critical “crossover” period where you still have paper records, but are moving to digital files.

It doesn’t matter if your company has 10,000 or 100,000 records-it will take some time for a document management company to scan and index all of them. There needs to be a solution that bridges the gap between a hard-copy document management system and an electric document management system, or EDMS. That’s where Day Forward Scanning comes into the picture.

The Solution – How We Can Help You

What is Day Forward Scanning?

Simply put, Day Forward Scanning is the bridge to that gap. It’s a strategy that gives you the flexibility to access paper files and transition between your old document management system to a new, more efficient, and easier to use EDMS.

The definition of this strategy is pretty simple-you pick a date in the near future where you will no longer keep paper records. Moving forward from that date, all your files will be scanned and indexed, and paper records will no longer be a part of your document management plan.

After you have made the transition, you can utilize several different options for all the paper records you still have hanging around the office taking up space. You might want to scan your older files if you need to access them at a future date, or you can store them off-site in a secure records management facility.

Both of these options give you a way to access older files when you need to while freeing up space in your office- and can ensure that any archived information is stored safely and securely.

The Benefits of Day Forward Scanning for Your Business

Day Forward Scanning is a great way to save your employees time, your business money, and eliminate the headache of storing and accessing paper records. Having a starting point to help eliminate paper-filing systems gives you a chance to make the transition to digital files easier.

There are a lot of advantages to Day Forward Scanning:

  • Saves You Time and Your Employees Time – Digitization allows for better management and organized work places.
  • Saves Money – What’s better than saving your company some money? When you eliminate thousands of pages that might never be used again, you save time and money.
  • Ease-of-Use – When you have to get a paper file passed around to multiple employees at the office the chance of something crucial happening to that sheet increases significantly. Day Forward Scanning eliminates this concern by having access to the document on your computer and restricting the access for the document to specific employees.
  • Security – Handling critical records holds an exceptional amount of concern security wise. Having a secure system is paramount if you’re making a transition like Day Forward Scanning.

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