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BSC Solutions

Industrial Storage Solutions

Save Floor Space. Increase Productivity. Gain Control of Inventory. Improve Security. Enhance Ergonomics. Business Systems & Consultants partners with a network that offers a wide variety of products and engineered solutions to help your business address these critical areas in your warehouse, manufacturing facility or distribution center. Whether you are looking to increase safety, boost productivity or expand operations, BSC has the right solution.

Automotive Storage Solutions

Business Systems & Consultants works with a network that offers the best selection of products, expertise and storage solutions for auto, truck, or off-road dealerships. We know the drill. While you concentrate on moving the parts, we’ll find the right place for them. The right combination of well-placed storage units can greatly increase service efficiency, and the people at BSC are experts in auto service storage.

Medical Storage

Business Systems & Consultants partners with hospitals, surgical centers, pharmacies and many other medical facilities to match their storage needs with our partner’s solutions. Concerns over compliance, sterilization, infection control and security make storage in the healthcare market very unique, and specialized solutions are often required. Our partners understand the healthcare market and the rigid standards required to be successful, and they offer the specialized products that meet these needs.

Public Safety Storage

Public safety agencies have highly specialized needs that are unique to the storage of property and evidence. Items such as weapons, currency, drugs and DNA must be stored securely, closely tracked and carefully protected. Agencies must also contend with a lack of uniformity, storing everything from small jewelry to bulky, odd shaped items. Business Systems & Consultants offers a range of solutions to meet these unique requirements, including specialized storage racks, lockers, cabinets and automated storage systems.

Office Filing & Storage Solutions

Business Systems & Consultants has a deep history in the filing industry, which has made us the place to connect with the best of breed in filing system providers. We work with partners who provide high-density moveable shelving, automated vertical filing carousels, and traditional shelving and cabinet solutions for a wide variety of applications. Additional products include mailroom shelving, file tracking software, folders, labels and label printing. Make sure to ask about services such as document scanning, file moves, and filing conversions.

Specialty Storage

Business Systems & Consultants offers specialty storage solutions that are customized for each individual space and optimized for the most efficient, secure and productive method of storage depending on the needs of our clients. Our solutions pay for themselves by reducing your storage footprint, cutting parts retrieval times, improving parts organization, and protecting your precious inventory.

Specialty Furniture

Business Systems & Consultants provide its customers with an abundance of choices. Our partners manufacture systems furniture, freestanding furniture, architectural walls, casegoods, steel filing, storage, tables, and seating … all backed by lengthy product warranties. We also offer a wide range of services to make the buying experience easier for our customers; this includes space planning and design, product leasing, and product installation and maintenance performed by certified installers/trainers.

Software Applications Solutions

Business Systems & Consultants partners directly with one of the nation’s premier leaders in software applications and solutions. Whether it’s our file tracking software or label printing software, we have solutions that will help you reduce filing and retrieval time. We can help provide you with applications that improve security while providing greater control of all of your files through a central filing application.