Looking for a three-way match solution for your accounts payable (AP) document management?

Are you looking for an efficient three-way match solution for your accounts payable (AP) document management?

Business Systems & Consultants (BSC) offers a comprehensive solution that automates the reconciliation of purchase orders, vendor invoices, and packing lists. Our system-driven workflow ensures accuracy and efficiency, making your AP processes seamless.

How It Works

Automated Document Workflow Reconciliation:

  • Capture: Vendor invoices and packing lists are captured using front-end capture software and a high-quality scanner.
  • Categorization: Documents are classified into categories such as Stock Invoices, Single PO Invoices, Multiple PO Invoices, and Miscellaneous Invoices (including utility bills and credit memos).
  • Business Rules: Each document type follows specific business rules managed by an administrator module that includes a business engine and control features.

Types of Invoices Handled

Stock Invoices: Related to inventory items.

  • Single PO Invoices
  • Multiple PO Invoices
  • Single/Multiple PO Invoices with Surcharges

Miscellaneous or Non-Stock Invoices: Not inventory-related, such as office supplies.

  • Miscellaneous Invoices
  • Utility Bills
  • Credit Memos

Automated Processing

BSC’s Capture Solution automates the processing of forms. Our customers prepare documents by removing staples, tape, and paper clips to ensure smooth scanning. Clean, machine-printed invoices yield the best results, while other forms are processed using standard or Key from Image (KFI) templates with BSC’s OCR product.

Three-Way Match Recognition

The BSC Workflow Product manages the recognition of a three-way match between the invoice, purchase order, and shipping/delivery document. If everything matches, the invoice is flagged for payment in the financial accounting software. If there are discrepancies, the invoice is routed to a clerk for resolution. Approved miscellaneous invoices are loaded into the financial software as Journal/Voucher Entries.

Flexible and Scalable Solution

Our three-way match solution is customizable via the administrator’s module, allowing for summary or detailed matching. Non-stock invoices can be exempted from automatic payment based on thresholds set in the module, ensuring controlled workflow.

Compatible with Leading Financial Software

Our solution is compatible with the most popular financial accounting software. As partners with leading document management software companies, BSC provides solutions tailored to the best fit and best practices for our clients.

Contact Business Systems & Consultants today at (205) 988-3300 to discover the perfect solutions for all your data storage, control, and productivity needs. Enhance your accounts payable efficiency with our state-of-the-art three-way match solution.