A company’s success often depends on its employees’ satisfaction, particularly in a knowledge-based economy. However, many employers find it frustrating to spend resources searching for the right employees only to lose them to competing offers or due to a lack of support and appreciation. It is also essential to identify and document employee behavior that may pose a liability to the company.

To address these challenges, we provide a comprehensive software solution from Filebound to help HR professionals manage human capital management tasks from the first interaction with potential candidates to separation.

With this software, the application process is streamlined, and documentation is easily gathered, including electronic forms, scanned documents, and desktop application files. Once an employee is hired, the software facilitates the collection and routing of necessary papers, creates requirements checklists, sends notifications, tracks activities, and provides feedback. Throughout the employee’s career, the software monitors and manages the complete employee record, reminding HR staff and employees of performance reviews, updating necessary forms, and notifying staff when training or certification is about to expire. Upon separation, the software ensures that the employee’s record is stored in compliance with legal and corporate policies.

Using this offers several benefits, including shorter response times to preferred candidates, better employee service through notifications and immediate access to employee records, secure storage of employee files, reduced costs associated with maintaining paper records, and integration with other systems to improve departmental efficiency and avoid duplicate effort.

In summary, employee satisfaction is a critical factor in the success of a company. By using this software, HR professionals can effectively manage human capital management tasks, from the initial interaction with potential employees through to separation, to create a positive and productive work environment.


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