The document scanning process is a process that can vary greatly depending on the project. This is due to the fact each organization will have differing methods in the ways that they store their records, documents, and files.

At BSC we understand price is the number one concern when beginning a lengthy process, such as scanning your organization’s documents. Price does vary depending on multiple different factors. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Type of Documents
  • Number of Pages to be Imaged
  • Indexing, if Needed
  • Removal of Materials such as Staples & Clips
  • The Projects Deadline
  • Integration with an Existing System, if need be

Therefore to receive a more accurate quote, price wise, it is important to share all of the details stated above.

A clear depiction of the scanning process is as stated below,

  1. Documents are prepared for scanning and quality control is performed.
  2. The documents are scanned.
  3. Documents are then categorized and indexed.
  4. Digital files of your scanned documents are then saved to PDFs, JPGs, TIFFs, or whichever is your desired format.
  5. Your Digitals files are then integrated into your existing DMS (document management system).
  6. Lastly, your documents are returned to you, shredded, or transferred to an off-site storage facility.


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