Store, protect, & access data with restorVault – a virtual cloud storage. Why choose restorVault for your data cloud storage? restorVault states that they provide “the most cost effective multi-cloud data assurance solutions for your compliance data and high value business critical data.”

Protect your high value data with the RestorVault – Compliant Cloud Archive. With Compliant Cloud Archive, you can reduce server storage in your organization by 80%. The Compliant Cloud Archive is also an ideal solution for organizations that must comply with regulatory requirements across major industries.

Store Data

Store data with restorVaults Virtual Cloud Storage. Through restorVault software and its virtualization of data, organizations can save up to 80% of server storage that was previously being used to store important data. Through this storage software you can continue to access important business data to ensure workflow is not disrupted.

Protect Data

“restorvault object WORM storage is impervious to ransomware while virtual data files shield restorVault data from attacks and can restore access to millions of files in minutes reducing downtime by 10x.” – restorVault.

Access Data

Easily access stored data with restorVault. This software can restore access to thousands of files in minutes. This ultimately helps to ensure an increase in efficiency & productivity in your organization.

Therefore the benefits of restorVault – Compliant Cloud Archive include:

  • More Space
  • More Protection
  • Instant Availability
  • Multi-Cloud Flexibility


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