Filebound software will automate your HR Onboarding process. Through our partner Upland, we are able to offer Filebound which provides organizations with many other benefits such as automation, standardization and overall document management.

Filebound will not only automate your HR onboarding process, but it can also automate & standardize every HR process. This includes the entire employee lifecycle: application, new hire, onboarding, management, and termination. All of these processes can be simplified through Filebound’s automation technology.

In the process of onboarding – for every new employee added, Filebound will create a set of onboarding documents. The automation process will then send these documents to the correct individuals/departments. Through this process a checklist is also created & monitored to ensure no steps are missed, and all documents are obtained in a timely manner. After these processes are in place with Filebound, employees are able to skip the busy work. This in turn increases productivity, due to employees focusing on more important tasks.

Below is a great video concept demonstration of HR Requisition & Onboarding through Filebound.


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