The new and easy way to manage your company’s physical records is through a Barcode & RFID Management Software. Barcode & RFID Management Software provides reliable tracking of your important physical records. This software can track records through their entire lifecycle.

How does RFID Management Software work?

The Barcode and RFID Management system works through the RFID systems generating a custom barcode as well as a custom RFID label. Apply the label to whatever object you wish to log and track, in this case – a physical record or document. Once an item is logged and tacking begins, the RFID system allows for users to see instant information on: file relocation, assigned user, date and time of removal, date and time of return, and flagging of lost items.

Who is RFID Management Software for?

Many organizations still have to deal with physical records, including organizations in sectors such as – education, financial services, healthcare, insurancelibrary archives & much more. Also, depending on the organization, there are specific ways physical records must be maintained. Due to potentially sensitive information or personal information, physical records must maintain a certain standard and compliance. Additionally, these records still need to be accessible as well

Benefits of a RFID Management Software:
  • Maximize Efficiency
  • Track Workflow
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase in Security
  • Easily generate reports
  • Increased Inventory Control


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