Manage thousands of documents through this industry-leading ECM platform. Through our partner, Laserfiche, we offer one of the best ECM platforms available. Through this software your organization will be able to find documents with one click. Also your organization will be able to enable collaboration and get up & running immediately.

Find Documents

This ECM platform allows users to easily find documents through a variety of ways. To find a document you can simply search specific words or phrases across the entire repository or within a specific folder. Also, a more advanced way to search for documents through this platform is by creation date. Additionally you can search documents by the names of users who have recently checked them out. There are many more methods to find documents as well. These are just a few of the ways you can quickly find documents through the Laserfiche ECM platform.

Enable Collaboration

Allow employees to collaborate from anywhere, with this ECM platform. Through the platform, users can sign and validate documents with VERS-certified digital signatures from anywhere. Also users can discuss, have questions answered, and even create task lists collaboratively directly on the document or folder they are working on.

Get Up & Running

Access all documents from any device, anywhere when using the Laserfiche ECM platform. This platform streamlines processes by automatically filing documents after import. This platform also allows users to build standard documents that can be applied across the platform to different folders & documents.

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