Prevent Microfilm damage through BSC’s microfilm and microfiche scanning services. Microfilm requires a specific storage method to ensure and preserve its safety. Improper storage conditions can lead to a variety of issues, ultimately causing microfilm to become illegible. Not only can improper storage cause long lasting damage to occur, but also unexpected weather and similar incidents can be a huge threat to your stored microfilm as well.

Natural disasters and other weather events such as, floods, tornados, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, and more, can severly damage your stored microfilm. The only way to ensure the safety of this microfilm is to have it scanned and digitized. Through the scanning process you will have both the physical form as well as the digital form of your microfilm.

A huge benefit of our microfilm scanning services, is once you have properly microfilmed images they will last a minimum of 100 years. Another great benefit of our microfilm scanning services, is once your microfilm is in its digital form, it will be much easier to find/retrieve. Through the digitization process, all of your microfilm will be indexed. Which in turn will allow easier retrieval of specific microfilm information/images.

digitally research microfilm

If your microfilm already has some damage, it might not be too late to save it. Therefore, if there are already signs of damage to your microfilm it is crucial to have them scanned as soon as possible if the microfilm is still legible. Overall, it is crucial to prevent damage occuring to your microfilm through digitizing your microfilm.

More Benefits of BSC’s Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning Services:

  • Reduce storage space requirements by 95%
  • Nearly eliminate file storage costs
  • Locate records faster & easier
  • Easy access to huge volumes of information
  • Provide long-term storage
  • Maintain record confidentiality
  • Maintain File integrity
  • An original copy of the microfilm is perpetually maintained as the master record


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