Looking for an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) SaaS Platform? Through our partner Laserfiche, BSC offers one of the best ECM SaaS Platforms on the market, this ECM SaaS platform is called Laserfiche Cloud and offers many benefits including:

  • Optimized processes
  • Manage all content in one place
  • Content is easily accessible & searchable
  • Merge all systems your team uses

Optimized Processes

This platform allows for organizations to optimize their processes. This happens through the automation of various processes including; accounts receivable, contract management, vendor onboarding, and many more. Automating these processes allows organizations to effectively streamline them, reducing time spent on what some would call “busy work”. Another way this software optimizes processes is through accelerating transformation with a no-code process designer. This means you will be able to quickly and easily automate manual task with a no-code/code-free drag & drop design that is very user friendly.

Additionally, with this platform you will be able to digitize and automate form submissions. Through doing this organizations can eliminate the need for paper forms. As well as speed up all of the processes included in form submissions. Lastly, through the optimization of your business practices you will be able to see data based insights. These insights will ultimately improve your decision making process. And you will be able to make more informed decisions.

Manage All Content in One Place

Having all of your organizations content in one place increases production. It allows members of the organization access to the content they need from anywhere, not just the office. Also, this platform comes with great document management tools. These management tools include annotation, audit trails, the ability to edit documents within your team, and share content.

Content is Easily Accessible & Searchable

The Laserfiche Cloud platform can accurately capture invoice information with AI. This capture technology helps speed up the accounts payable process, by automatically sending invoice to approvers and sending the data to your accounting system.

Merge All Teams your Team Uses

With this feature you organization can sync data with direct integrations. If your team works in multiple platforms such as salesforce, Microsoft 365, etc., then Laserfiche Cloud can sync and integrate all data from each platform. Also, use RESTful to create custom experiences with the other platforms mentioned above.


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